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Product Information

Lykke Raw Food

All of our Raw Foods are manufactured to perfection with organically sourced meat from farms based right here, in the UK. We hand pick our ingredients so you don't have to worry about the risk of any additives or other nasties being added. We make sure to include only the good stuff for your precious pooch!

Lykke Dry Food

Again, we select the ingredients that are included in our dry foods. They're all completely grain-free and contain only the best stuff for your four-legged friend! 

Our Natural Treats

All of our natural treats are sourced here in the UK and are all products that have been left over or had no use in the human food industry.

Our rabbit products...

All of our rabbit products come from are manufactured from New Zealand White rabbits, bread and slaughtered in the UK for meat to be used in the human food industry. The products that are left over are then sent for use as dog treats.


Find our TukTuk

Get your paws on our amazing all-natural Pick 'n' Mix!


The TukTuk...

The TukTuk has been a big milestone in our journey. - We're officially at L1!

Here to provide your furry friend with all-natural, eco-friendly goodies while you do your shopping.

The Products...

Let your pooch experience something new.

Come and grab a Pick 'n' Mix including an array of tasty, natural treats!

While you're here, browse through our range of handmade accessories, eco-friendly toys and gorgeous fragrances!