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We pack all of our products with the care your order deserves, on-time with no hassle. Why not try out something new for your pooch, after all they deserve the best which we can supply. Your needs are our priority and when it comes to loved ones we understand.

Pet hygiene is crucial for a healthy life not only for your little loved one(s) but also for yourself. We offer a range of grooming and health products to help clean and maintain your fur ball. Recommended by our in-house dog groomer who has been grooming dogs from the age of 16, we only supply the best. From wipes to shampoo, disinfectant and toothpaste, their health is our priority. 

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    Ear Wipes | DogsLife


    These highly functional ear wipes are a great product to help to remove ear wax and dirt from inside your pup's ears. Finger shaped for extra clean...

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