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Grooming Room

About the groom

Call us on 01512455715 or 07799284570 to book an appointment today

A full groom includes a bath, dry and full body trimming/clipping. as well as nails and ear plucking if desired.

An in-between groom includes a bath and dry, light trimming around the face, feet and hygiene areas. Nails and ear plucking if desired.

Bath and dry does not include nails and ear plucking.

This is a rough guideline on our prices!

About Niamh

Niamh is located in our shop front in Liscard. She has been qualified as a dog groomer for over 5 years and has hand on experience for the past 8 years with animals.

Niamh has two gorgeous poodles named Nelly and Theo who come to the shop sometimes, you may see them with colourful ears from time to time!!!

Follow Niamh on instagram and ask her any questions you would like or you can even ask for pictures of previous grooms @shampooches_wirral


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