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About Us

How it all started

Chris founded Natural Pet Shop as a subscription box service during lockdown in 2020. As a dog lover himself, he had noticed a gap within the dog treat market: lockdown was forcing pet owners to stay inside, everyone wanted some way of getting their pooches favourite natural treats without having to leave the house.

That's when Chris had the idea to set up a subscription plan. Operating from his very own small garden shed, the main goal was to provide every dog in the UK with a monthly selection of tasty, natural treats. This way, dog owners would never have to worry about forgetting to treat their beloved pooch again. 

The business started to grow quickly as the subscription boxes became a hit within households across the UK. As the COVID pandemic finally shifted, Chris jumped at the opportunity to provide pet owners with a good range of natural treats, healthy raw foods and eco-friendly accessories, giving life to our small shop in Wallasey.