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We pack all of our products with the care your order deserves, on-time with no hassle. Why not try out something new for your pooch, after all they deserve the best which we can supply. Your needs are our priority and when it comes to loved ones we understand. We have a range of products from dental health, skin and coat care, chews to keep the most proactive dogs occupied and much, much more. Why not try a little fur in your pooches life, with many health benefits such as being a natural de-wormer, the fur will flush out any parasites as dogs cannot digest hair (think of it like a brush). In the wild before captive, dog like animals would eat every part of their prey including the fur to help rid of worms. Why not take it a step further and buy a bone with fur, not only will this clean the intestines but will also clean any plaque built up on the teeth and they are also a great chew.