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New Year's Resolutions for Dog Owners

New Year's Resolutions for Dog Owners

It’s that time of year again! Whist I was considering what new year’s resolutions I had for myself in 2023, I got wondering what might be some good ‘dog-centric’ resolutions.
Setting goals (for me at least) is key to successful training, as I struggle otherwise to hold myself accountable. For this year, I have no big training goals, but I do want to start doing at least one free-shaping session with both of my dogs each week, as this is something they both really enjoy.
What would be a good goal for you and your dog? Perhaps you can set
yourself the goal of cracking loose lead walking this year! Or maybe you’re going to teach ‘place’ to stop your dog begging for food at the table. Whatever it is, write it down!
I have included below some great, non-specific goals for you and your dog in 2023.

1. Vary the walk!

Dogs love exploring new places so why not try and do one ‘new’ walk a week?

2. More searching!

Searching for food/ smells activates the seeking pat of the dog’s
brain which floods them with a feel-good chemical (dopamine!) Why not try
scattering some of their treats or dog food into some long grass each day?

3. Play time!

Play is a fantastic way to enhance your bond with your dog. Need some
new toys? Get hold of some eco-friendly dog toys to really help both your dog and the planet.

4. Nutrition.

Let’s give our dogs more fresh food! Try switching over to raw, or simply
adding more raw or fresh food into the dog’s current diet. A balanced diet is not only key to maintaining our dogs’ optimum health, but it also has a huge impact on canine behaviour.

5. Train a little every day!

Training your dog every day doesn’t have to be time
consuming or difficult. Adding just 5 minutes of basic obedience training, nose work, or teaching some new tricks will do wonders towards enhancing the bond between you and your dog this year.

6. Ditch the chemicals!

No more raw hide, processed dog treats or colourful chews. Let’s try and feed totally natural this year!
Really the most important resolution that we can make this year is to enjoy our dogs more! I would argue that the most common theme I see in healthy pet-owner relationships is that the owners are enjoying their dog. In practicality this means not stressing the small things! If you have to occasionally skip a walk or training session, your dog will be absolutely fine.
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Canine Nutritionist
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