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Beef Spaghetti

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Why not treat your puppy/dog to a packet of our healthy natural beef spaghetti (intestine) treats. 100% natural.

Air dried with no added nasties- your cheeky pooch will love them!

These treats are just one of the great products offered by our team. 

Whilst we humans won't like the smelliness your dog will absolutely love it and want to get eating them straight away (most of what a dog 'tastes' is actually through smell in the nose, not taste on the tongue).
Beef Intestine contains:
Vitamins A, E, D3 - ensure efficient metabolism, bone growth and correct vision.
General protein - the basic building block of muscle tissue. Ensures proper development.
Raw fat - provides healthy skin and fur and energy for the dog's body.
Crude fibre - an organic compound that encourages healthy bowel movements (shortage of fibre can cause constipation or diarrhoea).
Mineral compounds - phosphorus, calcium, iron, magnesium - strengthens teeth and bones.
crude protein 74.90%, crude fat 14.70%, crude ash 6.25%, humidity 10%.