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We pack all of our products with the care your order deserves, on-time with no hassle. Why not try out something new for your pooch, after all they deserve the best which we can supply. Your needs are our priority and when it comes to loved ones we understand.

Whats on your plate when your pooch is wanting something off it? For me it is sausages, well now you can buy air-dried doggy sausages for your pooch to devour. We have a variety of different flavours and sizes, from long for bigger dogs, small for little breeds and slices which are a great training treat.

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    Natural Pet Shop

    Long Pork Rind Rolls

    from £6.99

    Pork Rind Rolls are twisted/rolled pork skins. Providing a long lasting flavoursome chew that will keep them busy for hours. Pork Rolls are a great...

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    from £6.99