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Premium Chicken Wings

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Suitable for puppies aged 12+ weeks, these are a unique raw dehydrated natural hypoallergenic, protein-rich dog treat.

All natural, these crunchy chicken wings contain no preservatives, yeast, soy, chemicals, salt, sugar, or grains. 

Wings contain very little fat but are high in protein making them a great natural treats to be fed as a treat in between meals.

No grains or additives to irritate your pet's skin or upset their digestive system.

They are a good source of natural glucosamine and chondroitin which is supposed to be good for joint pain.

They may not look or smell so nice but your pooch will love them!

Chicken wings are mostly cartilage, soft bone, and meat so are great for dogs who can't chew harder bones. Their odd shape makes it a little more difficult for dogs to gulp too fast.

NOTE: our Bulk Box contains 1kg of our chicken wings.