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We pack all of our products with the care your order deserves, on-time with no hassle. Why not try out something new for your pooch, after all they deserve the best which we can supply. Your needs are our priority and when it comes to loved ones we understand. Why not try one of our many fish products, containing omega 3 fatty acids the oils in our products are great for skin and coat health. Dont let the smell put you off because it certainly wont with your pooch. The fish cubes/fingers are great for dental health as teeth will sink into the gaps and remove any built up plaque. Sprats are a great reward and our office dog goes crazy for them!
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    Luxury Fish Pate


    This luxury pate is made with a tasty blend of Fish. Suitable for all ages, it is the perfect snack for dogs who can't have hard/tough treats.Pate ...

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