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Snowman Advent Calendar for Dogs

by Antos
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Get into the spirit of the festive season by offering your pet The Snowman & the Snowdog Crunchie Treats Advent Calendar. These are chicken flavoured treats that are delicious and contain a rich amount of nutrients that nourish your pet"s body. These special Christmas treats contain 30% chicken breast, which is rich in protein content that plays a great role in regulating and maintaining various functions in the body. Follow the advent calendar and offer your pet one treat every day till Christmas eve; involve them in the fun and offer them a healthy snack that goes a long way to improve their overall health.
  • This crunchy treat doesn't contain any artificial colours, flavours, and additives, and is a great option for pets that have a sensitive digestive system.
  • These hypoallergenic dog treats are a great training tool to train your pets and engage them in physical activities that help burn their pent-up energy and improve dog agility.

Product Benefits

  • Chicken flavoured treats that help in the regulations and maintenance of various body functions
  • Crunchy treats that add variety to your pet’s everyday menu
  • Suitable for pets under 4 months of age
  • No artificial colours, flavour, and additives
  • Great training tool that also helps engage your pets in physical activity
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